Yrael is the eighth of the Nine Bright Shiners. In The Beginning, Yrael chose to not take a stance against Orannis, and yet chose not to work with him, but went into hiding. The Seven bound Orannis and joined to create the Charter, but also found and bound Yrael in the form of Mogget. Yrael did not become one of the bells, yet has the ability to shape shift into many different forms, one being a small white cat; the other known form to be a small albino man with sharp teeth, a taste for fish, and incredible strength.

When in the form of Mogget the cat, he wears a red leather collar with a miniature Saraneth bell in Sabriel, and Ranna in Lirael and Abhorsen . The collar is his binding to the line of the Abhorsens, his punishment for not taking the side of the Seven against Orannis. When in the form of the albino, who has a name which is not revealed in the trilogy, he wears a white robe capable of cleaning itself (in Abhorsen, the robe had blood spilled on it, which then disappeared as he walked away) and a red sash about his waist, which has a miniature bell hanging from it too. The albino has hands, and Mogget used his hands to stop the bell from sounding in order to use the second chance Astarael gave him, and to catch up with Lirael, Sam and the Dog.

However, Yrael was released at Orannis' second binding by Sam, to allow him to choose again with whom he would side. He chose to throw his lot in with the binders and stood against Orannis to bind him anew. After the binding of the Destroyer, Yrael was released from his servitude using Belgaer, the Thinker. He chose to go north.

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