Wyverley College[1] is a girls' school in the North of Ancelstierre. It is where both Sabriel and her daughter Ellimere received their education, and was the scene of the climactic battle of Sabriel. It is named after the near-by village of Wyverley. Because of its proximity to the Wall, Wyverley College is the only Ancelstierran school where Charter magic is on the curriculum.

wrought-iron gates; "Established in 1652 for Young Ladies of Quality"; 40 miles south of the Wall; good all-round reputation; teaches magic with special parental permission; boarding school;

Administrators, Instructors, etc. Edit

(in order of appearance)

  • Mrs. Umbrade, Headmistress
  • Miss Greenwood, Magistrix
  • Miss Prionte, Etiquette Instructor

Students Edit

(in order of appearance)

  • Sabriel, Sixth Form, Prefect
  • Jancith
  • Olwyn
  • Sussen
  • Rebece
  • Ila

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  • Etiquite I-IV

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