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Fan art by Bryce Homick

Torrigan, who for the majority of the books is called (at his insistence) Touchstone, is a son of the queen of the Old Kingdom and is Sabriel's guardian and companion throughout the first book as she battles against and overcomes his corrupt half-brother Kerrigor. Torrigan was a part of the Royal Guard two hundred years before the events of the book, his father being a lesser noble whom the queen took as a lover after the death of her husband, Kerrigor's father. It is possibly implied that this northern noble, who died in a hunting accident, would become Thralk. Torrigan was sealed as the figurehead of a ship after Kerrigor became a necromancer and killed their mother and their two sisters. After Sabriel freed him, Torrigan was given the name "Touchstone", a fool's name, by Mogget.

Touchstone marries Sabriel and becomes king of the Old Kingdom between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second. He retains his moniker even as king and is known as King Touchstone I. Touchstone and Sabriel have a daughter, Ellimere, who will succeed her father as queen, and a son, Sameth. At the second binding of Orannis, Touchstone stands for Ranna.