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Charter Marks

Charter Magic is a form of magic based on the use of Charter Marks, symbols pulled from the endless stream of the Charter which describes, orders, and contains all things that exist (save for Free Magic). Charter Magic was built through the efforts of Seven of the Nine Bright Shiners; Ranna, Mosrael, Kibeth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth, and Astarael.

Charter Marks can be used in a variety of ways. Speaking a Mark can generate distinct effects such as flying blades or a light source. Sketching a Mark can have similar effects as speaking it, and is often used in conjunction with a spoken Mark in the casting of spells. Charter Marks can also be placed on or within objects to create animate constructs called Sendings or to enchant an object with specific properties such as making a sword capable of damaging even immaterial foes, though this implementation is difficult for individuals without the proper herritage.

A baptismal Charter Mark is necessary for awareness and use of the Charter, normally given at birth but potentially obtained later in life and is placed on the forehead. Touching another's Charter Mark grants a brief immersion into the Charter and is used as a test of purity from Free Magic corruption or taint.

The Bells of the Abhorsen use a combinational balance between Charter Magic and Free Magic.

A Charter Stone makes casting Charter Magic easier, while a broken Stone makes casting harder.

Free Magic Edit


Free Magic is a form of magic not constrained by the Charter. Free Magic is said to be naturally inimical to life, though weather this is literal in the sense that Free Magic corrodes living tissue or a more figurative reference to beings like Orannis is not certain. Free Magic is significantly less structured than Charter Magic, and appears to be powered predominantly by using the caster's will to dominate lesser Free Magic entities, co-opting the servant's power for the caster. Free Magic can be used in a manner similar to Charter Marks, but these marks are corrupted or otherwise 'wrong' to the sensibilities of a Charter Mage, described as parodies or perversions of Charter Marks.

Free Magic is capable of most or all of what can be done with Charter Magic, though with different stipulations and caveats. Free Magic is observed to cut stone, summon and form iron and other metals, grant extreme strength, beguile or charm human minds, and generate illusions and distractions.

Free Magic is usually accompanied by harsh white fire or smoke, and a hot metallic odor.

The Bells of a Necromancer use Free Magic.

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