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The Old Kingdom is a large kingdom located to the North of Ancelstierre, and to the north of the Old Kingdom lie the Twenty Tribes. These two regions are separated by The Wall, though they do impinge on each other slightly. The Old Kingdom is ruled by the Royal line, though during the Interregnum there was a regency, and then twenty years with no ruler. There is supposedly another region in the far North of the Old Kingdom, though this has not been confirmed.

Some important landmarks in the Old Kingdom are the capital city, Belisaere, the Clayr's Glacier, Abhorsen's House and the River Ratterlin. For a more comprehensive list of named locations, see below.

Locations Edit

Citizens of the Old Kingdom Edit

In order of appearance

  • The Traveler's midwife
  • Sabriel's mother
  • The band of Travelers
  • Sabriel, Abhorsen
  • Arrenil, Charter Mage with the Travelers
  • Terciel, Abhorsen
  • The Traveler's leader
  • Kerrigor, Greater Dead, formerly crowned prince turned necromancer
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