The Nine Day Watch is a council to which any Awakened Clayr may be summoned. The members of the Watch combine their Sight to obtain a clearer and stronger vision of the future.

Size Edit

Typically the Nine Day Watch lasts for nine days and consists of 49 Clayr. However, in certain situations, if the Watch aims to See somewhere or something problematic, then more may be summoned; in their attempts to See the Red Lake in Lirael, the size of the watch increases vastly, including a Ninety-Eight, a Hundred and Ninety-Six, and a Hundred and Eighty-Four. Eventually the Watch goes right up to a Fifteen Sixty-Eight, the largest a Watch can be, which includes nearly every Awoken Clayr. Generally speaking, the larger a Watch, the shorter it lasts, with huge gatherings lasting under a day.

Location Edit

The Watch takes place in the Observatory. This is a cavernous room in the Clayr's glacier, with a single smooth sheet of ice for its ceiling, onto which the Watch project what they See.

Voice of the Nine Day Watch Edit

The Voice of the Nine Day Watch is an honourary position held by a single Clayr (although an exception is made for Sanar and Ryelle) and it is the responsibility of the Voice to distribute the summons to the Watch in the form of tokens. The Voice is also responsible for announcing any important visions that the Watch See, and furthermore to announce the Awakenings of young Clayr children. The position of the Voice is highly prestigous.

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