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Nestowe is a fishing port on the east coast of the Old Kingdom[1].


Sabriel, Mogget and Touchstone visit Nestowe on the way to Belisaere  and find the residents routed, harried and scared for their lives by the Dead.The three travellers see that the villagers are no longer living in the village. They are holed up on an island out to sea; safe from the Dead because of the broken causeway which separates the island from the mainland. The village used to have its own Stone, but it was broken with the blood of Nestowe's Charter Mage and the Dead overran the village.

The Elder lets them onto the island just in time, as they reach the other side the Mordicant emerges into life through the broken Charter Stone and reaches the other side of the causeway.

Nestowe, by Laura Tolton

Nestowe is in a state between despair and paranoia, as they believe one of the Dead has made it to the island. Indeed, a Mordaut has compelled one of the fishermen to bring it ashore in a box of grave dirt, which negates running water, and is now living on his back like a parasite. It reveals itself to Sabriel and Touchstone, and Touchstone manages to spear it with his two swords. Sabriel banishes the creature, and Sabriel, Touchstone, and Mogget are given a boat as thanks.