Nehima is the sword that was given to Lirael by the Nine Day Watch before she left the Clayr's glacier. A weapon made by the Wallmakers, it is a powerful blade infused with Charter marks. Nehima is the Sister sword of Binder (the sword Lirael uses to bind the Stilken in the Great Library). The Disreputable Dog says that the name Nehima means "Forget Me Not," and says the name is ironic because Nehima herself was "long forgotten." Nehima's original inscription was "The Clayr Saw me, the Wallmakers made me, my enemies Remember me." Later Nehima's inscription becomes "The Clayr saw a sword and so I was. Remember the Wallmakers, Remember me."

At the end of Abhorsen, Sameth combined Nehima with the pan-pipes to create a new, unnamed sword. This new sword bears the inscription "Remember Nehima". Lirael used it to cut Orannis in half once more.

"Nehima," read Lirael. "What does that mean?"

"It's a name," said the Dog blandly. Seeing Lirael's expression, she cocked her head to one side and continued, "I supose you could say it means 'forget-me-not.' Though the irony is that Nehima herself is long forgotten. Still, better a sword than a block of stone, I suppose. It's certainly an heirloom of the house, if ever I saw one," the Dog added. "I'm surprised they gave it to you."

- Lirael, page 539 (US trade paperback)

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