A Mordicant is the most powerful of the different kinds of Lesser Dead. It has a body of moulded bog-clay and human blood, infused with Free Magic and controlled by a Dead spirit within. Since the body needs to be physically made and spelled, Mordicants cannot just come into existence – they need to be created by necromancers, which is presumably the reason why it is not counted among the more independent Greater Dead. Mordicants can cross at will into Life and Death, unlike other Dead beings.

Kerrigor had a “pet” Mordicant that chased Sabriel to Abhorsen’s House, where it was deterred by the Ratterlin. It is not clear what happened to it in the book, though it is possible that when Abhorsen Terciel rung Astarael, the spirit in the Mordicant was sent to a final death.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Man-shaped, but higher than a man
  • Flames spew from mouth
  • Flames drip from claws and feet
  • Grey-green flesh with flames like “beads of sweat.”
  • Four talons on hand
  • Burns even more when angry

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Runs very fast
  • Flames run “like burning oil on water” where it treads
  • Able to cross into Life and Death
  • Unparalleled tracking; Kerrigor's "hound" was able to follow Sabriel across the kingdom
  • Extreme supernatural strength
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