Lirael's Path is a hidden path under and within Clayr's Glacier. The path is very old, so much so that it has been forgotten by the Clayr by the time that it is rediscovered by Lirael. The path, which was Seen and built by ancient Clayr for Lirael, begins with a small crack at the bottom of a staircase in the Clayr's Library, and runs through stone and, at one point, the glacier itself, before coming to a door with the words "Lirael's Path" written on it. Beyond the door, a narrow ledge is guarded by various Charter sendings to protect the Path. At the end of the Path is a narrow stone bridge over the source of the Ratterlin, on the other side of which is a door to a room. In this room, Lirael finds the Dark mirror, a set of panpipes and The Book of Remembrance and Forgetting.

Lirael's Path has only appeared once so far in the Old Kingdom series.

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