Lirael is the central protagonist of Lirael and Abhorsen. She also appears at the end of The Creature in the Case. Born into the Clayr, she was raised as an orphan from an early age, with little memory of her mother and no knowledge of her father. An outsider because of her unusual looks (dark hair and pale skin, the opposite of most Clayr), she is the only known daughter of the Clayr to not have the Sight. She eventually realizes her destiny is to become a Remembrancer and, eventually, Abhorsen. At the second binding of Orannis, Lirael stands for Astarael.


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In Lirael Edit

On her fourteenth birthday, Lirael is still Sightless and decides to commit suicide. However, she is intercepted and given a job in the Clayr's Library. She accidentally discovers the Disreputable Dog, and secretly binds a Stilken while still only a Third Assistant Librarian. She is eventually promoted to Second Assistant Librarian, but discovers Lirael's Path and leaves the glacier to prevent the unearthing of the Lightning Trap, which the Clayr See she must do. She and the Dog meet Sameth and Mogget, and at Abhorsen's House she is given a surcoat that reveals her heritage as the Abhorsen-in-waiting.

In Abhorsen Edit


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Lirael, Sam, Mogget and the Dog leave the House to intercept Sam's friend Nick. Although they are unable to prevent the releasing of The Destroyer, Lirael defeats Hedge in Death and uses the Dark Mirror to find out how to bind Orannis. During the binding, she stands for Astarael and wields the sword to cut the sphere in two again. Her hand is destroyed but the Dog bites through her arm to prevent Lirael being consumed entirely by Orannis's rage.

Cameo in Creature in the Case Edit

In the final few pages of the short story sequel, Lirael arrives at the Wall just in time to save Nick and defeat the Hrule. Sam has made her a new hand, made of gold and spelled with Charter magic to function as a real hand. She is now Sabriel's apprentice as Abhorsen-in-waiting.