Hedge is a powerful necromancer who serves as the primary antagonist of Lirael and Abhorsen. He poses as a guide to Nicholas Sayre, and manages his excavation into the 'Lightning Trap' near the Red Lake. Unbeknownst to Nicholas, they are actually excavating the bound form of Orannis with the help of several hundred undead Southerling Refugees, slaughtered by Hedge as preparation after they were relocated across The Wall by the Ancelstierre government. Towards the end of Abhorsen, he confronts Lirael at the Ninth Gate and is defeated when he is knocked off balance and cannot resist the call of the gate.

Hedge's origins are uncertain, but it is indicated that he was born in Ancelstierre, and served as a Scout at The Wall before becoming a Free Magic sorcerer. At the last battle, a soldier remembers him as being at least 50 years old 35 years ago, so he is at least 85 years old.

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