Free Magic is that which is unconstrained by the Charter. It existed as the sole magic in the Beginning, but when the Charter was created, it was made “ordered, subject to structure, constrained by symbols.” All Free Magic that remained separate from the Charter became the magic of necromancy.

Unlike the comforting, strengthening nature of its counterpart, Free Magic is unpleasant to use and causes adverse effects on its casters. A hot, acrid metallic odour always identifies the presence of Free Magic. Speaking its spells burns the tongue and blisters the lips. The Disreputable Dog says that the Free Magic which necromancers seek to master “ultimately devours” them, distorting their body and spirit. The Old Kingdom series gives little detail of how this type of magic is used.

All necromancers are Free Magic sorcerers. Their bells use the raw power of Free Magic, unconstrained by Charter marks like the Abhorsen’s.

Free Magic creatures[edit | edit source]

These creatures are the remnants of Free Magic from the creation of the Charter. Most of them are only briefly mentioned in the Old Kingdom series.

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