Francis Tindall is an officer in the NPRU, a special branch of the Ancelstierran Army stationed at the Perimeter. He is a competent soldier and highly respected by his men. As a member of the NPRU, he is also a Charter Mage and experienced in dealing with events on the Perimeter.

Tindall’s father, mentioned by Colonel Horyse as a major in Sabriel, is the general officer in charge of the entire Perimeter by the time of Abhorsen. Despite this family connection, he is described as anything but a “good-for-nothing staff officer.”

Events in Abhorsen Edit

In Abhorsen, Lieutenant Tindall and his group of soldiers encounter Lirael, Sam, and the Disreputable Dog – all disguised with NPRU glamours – just after they have crossed the Wall. Mogget is hidden in a backpack. Knowing that the supposed Scouts and the sniffer dog were not what they seemed, Tindall escorted them to the Company CP and his commanding officer, Major Greene. When Lirael reveals Hedge’s plan to release Orannis from his bindings, Tindall accompanies the group of soldiers led by the Major, to try and stop Hedge at the Lightning Farm. They defend Lirael when she enters Death. When the Destroyer is released, the soldiers, including Tindall, gather all the Southerlings across the stream in order escape the coming destruction. All of them survive.

In Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case Edit

Tindall appears near the end of this book, promoted to Captain. During Nick’s pursuit of Dorrance and the Hrule on a motorcycle, he enters the Perimeter and passes several destroyed checkpoints. At one such checkpoint, he picks up an officer before realising it is Tindall, who he met in the events at Forwin Mill. They have a short yet humorous greeting. “Nick Sayre! I bloody hope this isn’t going to be like last time we met.” Shortly afterwards, Nick crashes the motorcycle by swerving to avoid running Dorrance over. Tindall injures his ankle. Unable to accompany Nick further, he gives him the passwords needed to progress into the Perimeter.

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