Doctor Crake Crosses the Wall is a short story included in the Australian edition of Goldenhand but was also published on the official Australian Old Kingdom website  and it will be published elsewhere in due course.

Plot Summary Edit


-tells the story of Captain Crake (a medical doctor), who recently finished medical school and [[Fort Troune] military college and was posted to the Perimeter

-he meets a sergeant with a Charter-spelled hook for his left hand, made by Prince Sameth

-he notices the sergeant's Charter mark

-at the Perimeter he is introcuded to Colonel Greene

-Greene is happy to see adoctor with innate Charter affinity because he wants someone to combine medicine and magic

-Crake grew up in the south of Ancelstierre but there seems to have been a northern connection some generations back

-Crake is taken to the Wall and experiences Charter magic in the Wall

-they leave for the other side so Crake can get his mark, traditionally given on the north side

-some selected Ancelstierrans are allowed to go the Belisaere to study Charter magic

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