The Disreputable Dog is the physical form of Kibeth. She is discovered by Lirael in the Clayr's Library in the form of a soapstone statue of a friendly-looking mongrel. Lirael accidently releases her when trying to create a dog sending. She becomes Lirael's companion and closest friend throughout Lirael and Abhorsen, even helping with the binding of Orannis. Her bark has similar effects to the bell Kibeth, and she can modify her form to fly, hold a book, cling to slippery surfaces, make herself more formidable, etc, as well as bodily crossing into Death to accompany Lirael (humans project themselves spiritually into Death). When she is in the presence of Astarael, where the Charter is absent, her collar disappears. She is slightly larger, and she has a body of pure darkness outlined with silver fire. The Disreputable Dog is made partly from Free magic and partly from Charter magic.

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