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Hish are Free Magic elementals. Categorically, they are not unlike Stilken. Unlike Mordicants, (who are constructs made of bog-clay and human blood, animated by a powerful dead spirit,) Hish are not beings created by Necromancers from the dead, but are more closely related to Stilken, which are Free Magic beings, existing independantly of, and not guided by, human spirits. In appearance, Hish resemble emmaciated, impossibly thin humanoids of indeterminate sex, with flesh composed of blue-white fire and smoke.

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Aziminil was first found in a bottle of green glass with a silver stopper. It appeared as Greten, the sister of Marral. Marral found the bottle. Aziminil was bound by Ader.

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"It was tall, nine feet or more. Its body was manlike, but thin as a spindle, with arms and legs jointed too many times, white bone protruding in lumps through flesh as blue as best azure ink. Its neck was no wider than Clariel's wrist, its head more akin to a wolf than anything else. A wolf's head stretched long and the mouth cut at the corners to fit in more teeth. It's eyes were like Aziminil's face dork voids of nothing, empty and drear." - Clariel

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