Corolini is the leader of a Fascist political party in Ancelstierre. Though unseen throughout the series, many references are made to Corolini in Lirael and Abhorsen. A populist and a nationalist, Corolini is the leader of the extremist Our Country Party, which holds the balance of power in the Ancelstierran Moot. Corolini is also an ally of the necromancer Hedge. He accepts huge sums of Old Kingdom gold to use his party's influence to send the 200,000 Southerling refugees across the Wall, to death and certain enslavement by Hedge, who requires a large number of vessels to sacrifice so that he and the bound hemispheres containing Orannis may cross the Wall.

Corolini also orchestrates the assassination attempt on King Touchstone and Abhorsen Sabriel. After this, he launches a coup, with a large part of the Army behind him, but fails to gain control over Decision Palace in Corvere and the Hereditary Arbiter (the Ancelstierran head of state, the monarchical figurehead similar to the Queen of England). After Orannis is bound again, Corolini is presumably thwarted, as his short-lived government has ceased to exist by the time the events of Creature in the Case occur.

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