Charter Stones are large stone monuments "with Charter marks running like quicksilver through the stone, forming and dissolving, only to reform again, in a never-ending story that told of the making of the world." They serve as an easy access point to the Charter for Charter mages, and suppress the Dead and any entrance to Death, but can be broken by Free Magic sorcerers with the use of the blood of a Charter mage. If this is done, there is some damage to the physical stone, and the Charter marks freeze, appearing as motionless carvings. There is a pervasive aura of wrongness emanating from broken Charter stones, possibly only detectable by Charter mages, and the boundary between life and Death is easier to cross, instead of harder. They were originally created by the Wallmakers. There are many Charter Stones throughout the Old Kingdom that strengthen the presence of the Charter, though during the Interregnum many were broken by necromancers loyal to the Greater Dead Kerrigor. There are also Six Great Charter Stones under the Royal Palace in the reservoir. Two of the Six stones were broken by Kerrigor, but they and many of the lesser Charter Stones were later mended by Touchstone using his blood, and powerful magic that took a toll on his life.

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