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Binder is the sword of power that Lirael uses to bind the Stilken in the Great Library of the Clary. Lirael borrows Binder from the bedroom of Vancelle, the Chief Librarian for the purpose of defeating the Stilken. After being informed by the Disreputable Dog that the sword, which is Charter-spelled, was in the Chief's bedroom in a stand, Lirael snuck into the bedroom at the stroke of midnight to steal it.  Binder chooses its wielder to a certain extent, however, and emitted a glowing light from its Charter Marks and a whistle for a moment when Lirael first touched.  It allowed her to remove itself from the stand without further trouble only after she explained her need and promised to return it. When Binder senses a foe, the blade's Charter marks light up. Binder is the sister sword to Nehima. The Dog returns Binder to Vancelle's bedroom after Lirael defeats the Stilken.

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