The Bells are the tools of a necromancer or an Abhorsen. They use the power of the first Seven bright shiners. In a necromancer's bells, the Free Magic is pure, while in an Abhorsen's bells it is constrained with Charter magic. The Abhorsen-in-waiting may sometimes use pan-pipes (which are considerably weaker) before the bells, each pipe corresponding to a bell.

List of Bells Edit

Ranna Edit

Ranna is the Sleeper, the smallest bell, with a sweet and low sound, who brings sleep to those who hear it. It was wielded by Torrigan at the binding of Orannis.

Mosrael Edit

Mosrael is the Waker, a harsh and rowdy bell, who brings dead bodies to life as the wielder falls into Death. It was wielded by Sanar and Ryelle together at the binding of Orannis.

Kibeth Edit

Kibeth is the Walker, a difficult and contrary bell of several sounds, which can make others go where you wish. However, it is warned to keep this bell firmly encased, for it is known to sound on its own and cause an inexperienced user to walk where they otherwise would not wish to. The Disreputable Dog stood for herself at the binding of Orannis

Dyrim Edit

Dyrim is the Speaker, a musical bell with a clear and pretty tone, who allows speech or makes things mute or shut someone up if their tongue moves too freely. It was wielded by Ellimere at the binding of Orannis.

Belgaer Edit

Belgaer is the Thinker, a tricksome bell that seeks to ring of its own accord, who allows independent thought for the dead, or erases memories. It was wielded by Sameth at the binding of Orannis.

It was used by Sabriel to free Yreal/Mogget from his "millennia of servitude" after the binding of Orannis.

Saraneth Edit

Saraneth is the Binder, the deepest, lowest bell, who forces the listener to the wielder's will. It was wielded by Sabriel at the binding of Orannis.

Astarael Edit

Astarael is the Weeper, the largest bell, who throws all who hear it, including the wielder, deep into Death. It was wielded by Lirael at the binding of Orannis.

Frequency of Use Edit

This is the order of the bells from most to least used in the series.

  1. Saraneth
  2. Kibeth
  3. Astarael
  4. Ranna
  5. Mosrael
  6. Belgaer
  7. Dyrim
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