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is the capital city of the Old Kingdom[1] Located on the northeastern shore of the Old Kingdom, in the Sea of Saere . The city is located on a peninsula and connected to the mainland via a narrow causeway. The city survived during the Interregnum, and was protected from the Dead by aquaducts that provide protection in the form of flowing water. Within the city lies the Palace of the royal family and the underground reservoir containing the Charter Stones.


As Sabriel, Touchstone, and Mogget approach Belisaere, they enter the Sea of Saere by passing under the massive boom chain that guard its entrance. Due to the aquaducts flowing through the city, a part of Belisaere continues to work as a small seaport with a number of human inhabitants. The Royal Palace was burned down by the last Regent, leaving only ruins.

Lirael: Daughter of the ClayrEdit

By the beginning of Lirael, Belisaere has returned to its former glory with the help of King Touchstone and Queen Sabriel; the Dead are purged from the city limits and the Palace rebuilt. The population has increased and the city has flourished into a bustling metropolis. King Touchstone has also mended the broken Charter Stones with Charter Magic and the power of his royal blood.

The city also celebrates multiple yearly festivals. It is unsure if these were celebrated before the Interregnum or founded after the Restoration, though Clariel mentions the Midsummer Festival on several occasions, and Touchstone recalls dancing the Bird of Dawning, though this may have been after his coronation.


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