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Astarael is the seventh of the Nine Bright Shiners, and the final bell. In The Beginning, Astarael was one of the seven who gave some of her power to the creation of the Charter. As a bell, Astarael is the Weeper, who throws all who hear it, including the wielder, deep into Death. It was wielded by Lirael at the binding of Orannis. It would appear that some vestige of her power and presence remains in the Old Kingdom, in the tunnels below the Abhorsen's House. When seen in Abhorsen under the waterfall, she is an impossibly tall, pale woman. The River of Death follows in her wake, and all Charter magic fails in her presence.


  • While it is believed that Astarael did not join bodily with the Charter, along with Kibeth, in Lirael the Disreputable Dog (or Kibeth), after being questioned by Lirael, reveals that the five of the Seven that did join bodily with the Charter lived on in the bloodlines, while the other two chose to live on. Then, in Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case the Hrule calls the Abhorsen Bloodline "Astarael's get", implying that Astarael did join bodily with the Charter in The Beginning, and made the Abhorsen Bloodline. Therefore there is still 1 of the Seven in life.