Ancelstierre is a country in the Old Kingdom series that borders on the Old Kingdom at the North. Ancelstierre's speech patterns, technology and political system share some similarities with those of early 20th Century Britain. The capital of Ancelstierre is Corvere. Although physically connected to the Old Kingdom by the Wall, Ancelstierre is in a different plane of existence. Magic does not work in Ancelstierre except very near the Wall, just as Ancelstierran technology breaks down close to the Old Kingdom, and the seasons and "movement" of the constellations do not align on the two sides of the Wall.

Most people in Ancelstierre do not believe that magic exists in the Old Kingdom, and the fact is officially denied by the Ancelstierran government. However, citizens who live or work near the Wall know better.

Ancelstierre is not the only country in its world, which also contains the homeland of the Southerlings, but the others are seldom mentioned in the series because they are further from the Old Kingdom.

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Citizens of Ancelstierre Edit

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  • Bunny, pet rabbit
  • Jancith, Wyverley student
  • Mrs. Umbrade, Wyverley Headmistress
  • Olwyn, Wyverley student
  • Sussen, Wyverley student
  • Rebece, Wyverley student
  • Ila, Wyverley student
  • Miss Greenwood, Wyverly Magistrix
  • Perimeter Corporal
  • Miss Prionte, Wyverly Etiquette instructor
  • Colonel Horyse
  • Unknown Perimeter Scout

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