An Essay on Free Magic is a short text released on the Old Kingdom Website, possibly as a teaser for the upcoming novel Clariel.

Plot SummaryEdit

This is an extract from a text written by the same author as "Reflections of a Retired Spice Merchant and Sometime Mage" (most likely a reference to the spice merchant mentioned by the Elder of Nestowe in Sabriel) found in the Second Spiral of the Great Library of the Clayr.

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  • Free Magic entities hid in Death (a Free Magic realm itself) from the making of the Charter.
  • After the making of the Charter, thousands of Free Magic entities remained, but over the next 300-400 years most were bound or destroyed (Charter Stones and Wallmakers played an important role here.
  • Odd powers trying to help Free Magic come from the Great Rift in the north.
  • Free Magic only submits to those stronger than it - it is free-willed, always seeking to escape its bonds.
  • Free Magic corrupts human flesh, so users can make new bodies from stronger materials or take over other humans and use their bodies.
  • Among the most famous sorcerers taken over by a Free Magic creature is the Great Shaman from the far north during the reign of... (it doesn't continue) -> sounds familiar, check To Hold the Bridge
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